Guinness World Records Kids: Emoji game

Fastest time to match 20 emoji pairs

From text messages and WhatsApp to Instagram and Twitter, we use emoji to express ourselves every day. But just how good are you at remembering those cute faces?

This game pits your memory and facial-recognition skills against the clock. Think you can find all the pairs in record time? Then it’s time to face the emoji challenge!

Please read the official rules carefully before you play. There are two different ways to take on this challenge: online or with physical cards – it’s up to you!

Think you have what it takes to become officially amazing? Apply now to receive the full record guidelines and instructions on how to submit evidence of your record attempt.

Play online

Rules for playing online:

1. The time begins when the “Start” button is clicked
2. You can only select one card at a time. If the pair doesn’t match, the two cards selected will automatically turn face-down again.
3. The timer stops when the final matching pair is selected.

Download and print

Download and print

Print now

Rules for playing with cards:

1. Print out the 20 pairs in the PDF provided

2. Make sure that the paper used to print the cards is thick enough so as not to see through

3. The cards must be shuffled and placed face-down in a 8x5 grid before the game starts. You can print the grid sheets to help you with this.

4. You can only use one hand to pick up the cards. The other hand must stay behind your back

5. Ask the person timing to give a clear signal to start the game

6. You cannot be helped during the game by anyone else watching (physically or verbally)

7. The time stops when the final pair is matched.