Fastest time to stack a 20 brick right angle LEGO® tower (one hand)

Fastest time to stack a 20 level right angle lego tower

This blockbuster challenge is for all you Master Builders out there! While many of you will have made more complicated things out of LEGO bricks, the big test here is speed and accuracy. If you can keep your cool and a steady hand, the record could be yours – and then you’ll be the one singing “Everything is awesome!” 

Key rules:

  1. You will need 20 2x4 LEGO bricks – they can be any colours you like! A base plate is also required to build the tower on
  2. A right-angle tower is a staggered stack – check out the demo video to see what it should look like
  3. Only one hand can be used throughout the attempt – no steadying the tower with your other hand!
  4. Only one brick can be picked up at a time
  5. The tower must stay standing for at least five seconds after the final brick is placed
There is also a super-sized version of this record in which you have to stack 10 large LEGO bricks. Apply here.

Brick Stacker

Brick Stacker

How tall can you build the tower?

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