Q&A with LuHan - Chinese pop singer and social media star

In 2012, Chinese pop singer and social media star LuHan posted a victory video about his favourite football team, Manchester United. Little did he know it would go viral among his fans and gain the Most comments on a Weibo post. As of 19 Apr 2016, the post on China’s largest microblogging site had 100,899,012 comments.


Why do you think your post about Manchester United has proven so popular?

I actually have no idea, but I think everybody was touched by Manchester United’s spirit of not giving up till the last minute of the match, as I was.

How often do you go on Weibo?

In my spare time, as well as when I’m waiting for casting.

In your opinion, what’s the best thing about social media? And what’s the worst?

We are living in an internet era and social media platforms are very linked to our daily life. I can’t really say what’s good or bad, but the truth is that the internet and social media take up a lot of our time. It means we can receive news and information very fast, but on the other hand, we sometimes lose interaction with the real world.
Luhan new


Do you think the way that celebrities interact with fans has changed with technology?

Maybe the methods have changed, but I believe the essence remains the same: we are friends that grow up together.  

Tell us which gadgets you couldn’t live without.

My mobile phone and earphones.
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