Most underpants put on in one minute (team of two)

Most underpants put on in one minute collage
Everybody knows that real superheroes wear their underpants on the outside, right? But even the likes of Batman and Superman would find this challenge an epic test of coordination…
The secret is figuring out the system that best works for your team before making an attempt for the record. Remember, you only have one minute so every second counts! 

Key rules:

  1. One person is the “wearer” and can step into the underpants but cannot use their hands
  2. The other person is the “dresser” who can use their hands to pull on the underpants 
  3. The underpants can be laid out however you like before the attempt starts (e.g. in a pile or in a line)
  4. Only one pair of underpants can be put on at a time!
  5. Position/twisting of the underpants will be checked and taken into consideration when we judge the final count 
Apply for the record and get the full list of rules