Mega Ran

Musician Raheem "Mega Ran" Jarbo loves the music from Mega Man games so much that he's made a career of remixing their iconic tunes, then writing lyrics to fit his creations.

When Mega Ran met Mega Man

So far Mega Ran has recorded and released a whopping 130 Mega Man-themed songs – the most songs to reference a videogame franchise! But how did his heart get set on making tunes that reference Capcom's robotic superhero?

"Mega Man is my favourite game by far," he told us. "In the beginning, it was the bright colours, the great soundtracks, awesome gameplay mechanics and crazy difficulty.

But I couldn't get the music out of my head, so that inspired me to work it into my own music somehow."

Mega Ran 2

Avoiding a not-so-mega problem

What makes Mega Ran's record so interesting is that Capcom allowed it to happen at all…

"When Capcom heard my music and emailed me I immediately thought the worst was to come,” Mega Man says.

"But the guys there actually enjoyed and appreciated the tunes and asked me to work with them! We partnered up for some great projects, and I'm extremely thankful to them for their open-mindedness!"

mega man 11

Mega Ran now has the new Mega Man 11 game to look forward to on 2 October 2018. "I love the 2.5-D style they've adopted, and the subtle changes to Mega Man's armour when he gets a new weapon,” he says. Here's hoping the classic composers are also involved!"

Mega Ran 1

Are you feeling inspired by Mega Ran's story? If so, click here to watch an exclusive performance recorded during his visit to Guinness World Records’ London HQ.