Stampy Cat

Minecraft-playing YouTube personality, Stampy Cat (aka Joseph Garrett) is just as passionate about games and gamers as we are. Which is why he was the perfect fit to write Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2019 guest introduction!

Stampy Cat book

There’s always a new way to play

"I think the thing I love most about video games is how they are always changing.

"There are new TV shows, films and books every year but you always enjoy them in the same way, no matter when they were made.

"Because of the rapid evolution in gaming the types of records that are possible expand each year. It’s not all about getting a high score or beating a game quickly, there are so many ways to play games and be creative with what you do in their virtual worlds."

When breaking records is a piece of cake

Stampy Cat’s fans love that his Minecraft avatar is always hungry for cake. So, of course, his record had to involve cake too!

"Seeing as two of my greatest loves in life are Minecraft and cake I decided to combine them and set the record for the fastest time to make and display 10 cakes in Minecraft".

Stampy Cat 2