Yay, it's finally the summer holidays!

Thinking of what you and your bestie can do to make your summer as epic as possible?

We have the answer!

Below are five awesome records that you and your best friend can attempt over the summer, so you can go back to school in September as record holders! For other fun summer activity ideas, check out our Activities section!

1. Fastest time to stack 20 large LEGO® bricks (team of two)

The time to beat for this record is 17.441 seconds. The record was achieved on 31 October 2015, by Leen Uraijah and Mohammed Uraijah (both from Saudi Arabia), in Birmingham, UK.

What to do: This record needs to be measured in seconds, to the nearest 100th of a second (that's 0.01 seconds). A large LEGO® brick means it must be at least 2.5 in (5.8 cm) high.

Leen and Mohammed building their LEGO® stack

2. Fastest time to hang up ten items of clothing (team of two)

Do you have to help put away washing? Make your summer chores more fun by turning them into a record attempt!

This records was set by Mohammad Hassan Ahmed Nasr and Qassim Hebah, who are both from Egypt.

They managed to hang up ten items of clothing in a speedy 1 minute 8.69 seconds.

Certain types of clothing must be used, including a pair of jeans, four T-shirts (all different designs and sizes) and one long dress!

3. Most soft toys caught blindfolded in one minute (team of two)

We all have soft toys lying around our bedroom - why not get then involved in record-breaking?

That's what Ashrita Furman (who holds more record titles than anyone else in the world!) and his friend Bipin Larkin did in Jun 2017. Bipin threw the toys while Ashrita caught them, and they managed a total of 25.

Top tip: Once blindfolded, place your arms in front of your stomach so they act as a shelf. But you don't have to catch them this was of course!


4. Most leapfrog jumps in one minute by a team of two

Hop your way to glory with this leapfrog jump record!

This record is actually held by four people (two teams of two)! Both team achieved a total of 57 leapfrogs in one minute.

The record holders, Michael Kremmel and Andrew MacLaren (one team) and Brett Hileman and Nickolaus Bonner (the second team) are all from the US.

But what is a leapfrog jump? One person needs to bends over forwards. The second person then jumps over the back of the person who is bent over their back. They then swap, and take it in turns to jump over each others back.

5. Fastest 20 m relay balancing a balloon on the face (team of two)

This record requires great balance - and a whole load of silliness! You need to balance a blown up balloon on your face, and travel 10 metres as fast as you can. You then need to pass the balloon to your friend using only your face! Once the balloon in on their face, they then have to complete 10 metres. 

This record is currently held by Officially Amazing's Mr Cherry! 

Mr Cherry and his friend US Ray managed to complete the 20-metre relay in 19.77 seconds.

Officially Amazing's Mr.Cherry

For all the information about how to apply and properly attempt the record, make sure you ask a parent or guardian to apply for the record on our website.