Meet the human calculator, Nadub Gill.

Aged just 10 years old, he can answer an astonishing 196 multiplication and division questions correctly in one minute! 😲

That's more than 3 correct answers per second!

Nadub's record was for the highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ in one minute, a record that was created to find out who is the fastest at their times tables on the Times Tables Rock Stars' website.

Seven hundred children attempted the record after practising their times tables during lockdown.


The competition was fierce with some excellent scores submitted by children from all around the world.

However it was Nadub, who attends Longmoor Primary School in Long Eaton, who absolutely smashed the record and claimed the title!

“I am very thrilled and excited to achieve this title. It is like a dream!” Nadub said.

But what makes a record-breaking multiplication and division champion? We spoke to Nadub to find out!

How does it feel to be an official Guinness World Records title holder?

I am very blessed to have an opportunity to enter the Guinness World Records. It is like a dream. I am very thrilled and excited to achieve this title.

I am thankful to my school (Longmoor Primary School Long Eaton Nottingham) and my teachers, specially my Head teacher Mrs. Dainty, Mr.Bunhejee and my Class teacher Miss Wood who encouraged me to attempt for this title. They encouraged me a lot and I think they have played a big role in my success.

I am also very thankful to my family, especially my grandparents , everyone in the family who supported me, prayed for me and encouraged me throughout the time.

I am also feeling blessed and thankful to my Mom and Dad, Aunty Ireen and Uncle Chand and especially my younger brother Ryan Gill. They helped me to get really far.

I felt astonished to be the Guinness World Record title holder.


If you could break any other Guinness World Records title besides this one, which would it be?

If I won any other Guinness World Record title it would be other types of Maths.

Where will you put your Guinness World Records Certificate?

I would like to put it in my living room so people could see what I achieved and it will encourage me to achieve all goals of my life and encourage my younger brother and everyone.

What's your favourite subject at School?

My Favourite subject in school is Maths and History, because it is really fun and amazing.

What tips do you have on how to get really fast at time tables on Times Tables Rock Stars?

How to become a Times Tables Rock Star

  •  Tip 1 : Firstly, You should learn all your time tables, you need to focus more on accuracy before you focus on your speed.
  • Tip 2: You need to know how to ‘touch type’ because that helps you improve your speed.
  • Tip 3: If you are a beginner to TTrockstars, practise on Garage to build up your speed, use number pad because that helps you to type fast.
  • Tip 4: Use Studio if you are confident you can improve your score.
  • Tip 5: The more you practise the better you will get, and consistency is also very important to achieve a high score.