split image of largest LEGO brick playing card

Who doesn't love a LEGO® record?! 🤩

A 21-year-old student from Canada, named Faith Howe, created the world’s largest LEGO® brick playing card using almost 50,000 bricks!

It is a Queen of Hearts card, and it measures 3.69 m (12 ft 1 in) tall and 2.59 m (8 ft 5 in) wide, which is over 1,600 times bigger than a normal playing card. 🤯

Her record goes to show that you really can build anything with LEGO®!

Faith worked on the project for 9 days at her local library, starting each day at 10 a.m. when the library opened and stopping 10 hours later when it closed.

As Faith told CTV news: "The most time-consuming part is really just putting the pieces together.

“Even like the white area, you think, ‘oh that wouldn't take too long,’ but piece-by-piece-by-piece-by-piece, it takes forever.”

Talk about dedication. 💪

LEGO queen of hearts

Faith has been a huge LEGO® fan since she was 14, and she decided to challenge herself by attempting this record.

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Some of Faith's other creations include a life-size mermaid and a mural for her high school. 🧜🏽‍♀️

But Faith had never created something as big as this playing card before!

To make sure the card was accurate, she had the help of an artist who designed the image, which she then converted into a grid on her computer, on her own, and then used it as a guide for building.

She really is a pro. 😎

Faith sitting on LEGO playing card

Faith describes herself as a LEGO® enthusiast, and spends much of her free time creating brick art.

Her bedroom looks like a proper artist’s studio! She has countless boxes of loose bricks alongside finished pieces on display. 

And the best part is... Faith has sold many of her artworks! 🤑

Faith's dream is to work full-time as a professional LEGO® artist once she graduates from university - did you even know such a cool job existed?! 😮

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