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About Al

Al Jackson is our American Officially Amazing presenter, who brings us fantastic stateside records.

Over the years Al has taken part in all sorts of silly things to bring Officially Amazing records to you.
We caught up with him to ask some very important questions: 

What do you like best about being an Officially Amazing presenter?

Where do I begin? I think what stands out most for me as a presenter is the "amazing" people I have been lucky enough to meet. All of the record attempters have something special about them that always shines through when meeting them.

What is different about the show for series six?

The live element of it. The studio is amazing. We have 100 human beings in there that are excited about the show and we have a live band. To see the crowd go crazy if somebody gets a record, that’s definitely the best part.

Why do you think Officially Amazing and Guinness World Records appeals to kids so much?

Well I just think about how it did for me. When I was a kid, the Guinness World Records book was always this book you just wanted to be in. Everybody wants to be a part of something and to have their name remembered, even if it’s for something weird like stacking the most ice-cream cones in 30 seconds, and Guinness World Records gives you that chance.

What has been the most inspiring moment for you working on Officially Amazing?

I would say the most inspiring moment was when we went to Texas and watched a cheerleader do 56 handsprings across a football field. She set the record and I just remember running down the field with her cheering her on and hearing the crowd screaming behind me. I was like ‘This is really cool’.

What has been the funniest moment working on Officially Amazing?

In series two Ben and I had to put on dog suits for record where dogs were jumping into a swimming pool. I remember we just looked at each other like ‘What are we doing?!’

If you could invent a new record what would it be?

Something involving the most consecutive hours of sports watched by one man.

Is there a record attempt you wish you had witnessed?

I want to meet the world's tallest man. It's on my bucket list!

Why do you think people should attempt to break records?

Life is about maintaining focus. Trying to break a world record forces you to have it. EVERYONE should try and break one at some point in their lives.

What makes the Americans so good at breaking records?

Americans will do anything to get on TV and if you try something crazy enough- we're happy to show it.

What is Officially Amazing about you?

I am a man without fear, I'll try anything once. Twice if you ask nicely!