Pictures of Haruka

About Haruka

Haruka was born in Kyoto, but came to the U.K when she was a child. One of the things many people don't know about Haruka is that she is a dramatic combat instructor! So she's no stranger to adrenaline fuelled excitement, which no doubt prepared her for all the crazy records she witnessed whilst filming for Officially Amazing in Tokyo.

Speaking of adrenaline fuelled excitement; we asked Haruka these very important questions: 

What do you like best about being an Officially Amazing presenter?

Konnichiwa! That's hello in Japanese, but of course you knew that already, right?
It was an amazing experience to have got to meet interesting, and often very unusual people with their fascinating world records. I was born and raised in Kyoto, south of the main island of Japan, so I didn’t know much about Tokyo itself, nor had I seen the Mount Fuji so closely before.
I loved the fact that I was able to introduce Japanese culture and wonderful people to the CBBC viewers.

What is the craziest record attempt you have ever seen?

Cherry Yoshitake who cracks walnuts with his iron steel bum!

What would you be able to set a record doing?

I wouldn’t mind to have a go at running on fours…. But I am not sure if I have enough determination (or love for monkeys!) to train hard enough to beat the current record!

If you could invent a new record what would it be?

Fastest time to transfer 100 beans (what kind of beans, I have not decided…) from one bowl to another with chopsticks. Though I would not be surprised if this (or similar) records already existed!

Is there a record attempt you wish you had witnessed?

Cramming 28 women into one Mini! It looked amazing!!

Why do you think people should attempt to break records?

If you are passionate about the record, then it must be very rewarding to be the world No.1!

What makes the Japanese so good at breaking records?

We are hardworking and determined people, and I think this attitude helps us to be fascinating record holders!

Do you have a favourite animal record attempt?

Wan Wan Circus dogs attempting to beat the record for the most dogs jumping over a skipping rope at the same time! They were amazing!!

What is Officially Amazing about you?

I am secretly a ninja...Well, I don't throw shurikens (flying weapons) or can't disappear into thin air or anything, but I train in martial arts called Sanjuro and also teach dramatic combat to professional actors, drama school students and young people.