About the show

Officially Amazing is the TV show that brings to you weird and wonderful Guinness World Records attempts from around the world.

Our team of Officially Amazing hosts are led by our favourite British presenter Ben Shires. For series seven we also have American comedian Desiree Burch, and our multi-lingual Japanese representative, the ever-enthusiastic Haruka Karoda.

Each episode is based around an Officially Competitive battle that sees the the man-from-Japan Mr Cherry and the American pocket rocket that is US Ray compete in a variety of Guinness World Records attempts. The challenges range from stacking biscuits to pinching dice and sorting things with chopsticks. 

As well as these battles in our top-secret bunker studio, we also have video clips of brand new and classic record attempts from all over the world.

Our live audience of 100 kids gets to vote on the outcome of every record attempt they see, with the top 10 most accurate voters going into a hat at the end of the episode. The lucky winner whose name gets pulled out gets to select which two of our Officially Competitive contenders will join forces for the final attempt of the episode, and which one has to take a seat in the Gunge Tank of Doom! If the pair are successful in their attempt, they save their fellow competitor from a gunging, but if they fail...

Who will come out on top as our new Officially Competitive challenger? Who’s going to get gunged? And what amazing records are we going to see this time? Watch series seven of Officially Amazing to find out!

What to expect in series 7