Mr Cherry

Mr Cherry header collage

Cherry Yoshitake – aka Mr Cherry – is arguably Japan’s most dedicated record-breaker.
“Cherry nice to meet you”, as he would say.
Mr Cherry’s talents range from cracking walnuts with his butt to moving dried peas with a straw, and he has achieved loads of records on the Officially Amazing TV show.
The Japanese entertainer is always full of beans (literally, he has a record for eating them) and will take on any challenge he is faced with.

Here are some of Cherry’s most extraordinary achievements of speed and dexterity:

Most nuts crushed by sitting down in 30 seconds

Cherry the butt nutcracker smashed 108 walnuts and a new record at the Wakamiya Hachimangu shrine in 2013. Here he is with Officially Amazing presenter Haruka.
Haruka with Cherry who cracks walnuts with his bottom

Most underpants pulled on in one minute

Cherry pulled on 36 pairs of underpants in 60 seconds at Oasis 21 shopping centre in Japan.
Mr Cherry underpants

Most baked beans eaten with chopsticks in one minute

This challenge took place on the Officially Competitive segment of Officially Amazing. Cherry managed to beat US Ray with a total of 71! Ray gobbled down 36.
"I love the spirit of the challenge and the encouragement I get from the people around me. That’s the greatest part of record-breaking, when the people that watch the record get excited or inspired by my attempt. Regardless of the result, making people happy or excited is the best part of breaking Guinness World Records titles," said Mr Cherry on the set of Officially Amazing series 6.

Most golf balls picked up with the feet

11 – What an impressive feat!
Mr Cherry golf balls

Most water moved with the hands in 30 seconds

On the set of Officially Amazing at RAF Bentwaters, Cherry set a new record by transporting 2,274 ml of water from a plastic container into a measuring cylinder.
Mr Cherry water

Fastest 50 m running on all fours backwards

20.45 seconds! Mr Cherry's training regime for this record included practising with running on all-fours expert and record-breaker, Kenichi Ito.

Most whoopee cushions sat on in 30 seconds

There must have been a lot of sniggering on set at Officially Amazing on 17 Jul 2014, as  the multiple record holder deflated 52 whoopee cushions at Garden Fields JMI School in St Albans, UK.

Most apples bobbed in one minute

At a Guinness World Records Live! event in Japan, Mr Cherry got his teeth stuck into a new record – 37 apples!
Cherry apple bobbing

Most wet sponges thrown in the face in 30 seconds

On the set of Officially Amazing in 2015, Cherry pelted 19 soggy sponges at Japanese presenter Haruka.
When asked what his dream record to break next is, Mr Cherry said: "Fastest walk on banana skins. Or smashing tiles using my bum".
Craig Glenday and Mr Cherry
Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief presents a certificate to Mr Cherry during his visit to the GWR London HQ in 2016