Adjudicator Shantha

Shantha Chinniah has been a Guinness World Records adjudicator for five years now, so she is very experienced in judging official record attempts.

The seventh series of Officially Amazing is her fourth  season adjudicating the Officially Competitive segment - where Mr Cherry and US Ray go head-to-head to win record titles.

Shantha’s top tips on being a successful adjudicator include having attention to detail and the ability to present results confidently. However, the most important thing is to be able to multi-task. When adjudicating an attempt, often have to count, time and focus on the rules all at the same time!


The best aspect of being an adjudicator, for me, is seeing how much passion the record holders have. All of the competitors here have been training for months for these record attempts and they take it really seriously. When they get the record it means so much to them and it's just lovely to see.

Shantha judges the official Guinness World Records attempts on the show and then presents the successful record holders with a certificate to mark their achievement. However, before this she has to check that all the equipment used is in accordance with the guidelines. She also has to go through the rules with the competitors in case they have any questions ahead of the attempt. 


Shantha is excited for the new series because the new studio element means there are 100 kids in the room. They get to predict whether the attempts will be successful or not and which of the challengers will get gunged at the end of the show. "The new format of the show adds an added element of tension to the Guinness World Record attempts," she says.

My fondest memory of being a part of Officially Amazing is the end of the series five. Mr Cherry's final attempt at putting as many hair clips as he could into a wig was the record that took him into having the most records out of anyone from Japan. At the end he was crying, presenter Haruka was crying - it was amazing, a really emotional day!