Sizzlin' Steve

Sizzling Steve series 6 collage
Stephen Kish – better known by his nickname “Sizzlin' Steve” – represents the UK in the Officially Competitive segments of Officially Amazing.
Quick with his hands and a big fan of videogames, Sizzlin' Steve is certainly one of the hottest names in record-breaking.

We recently caught up with Sizzlin' Steve on the set of Officially Amazing series 6 to ask him about the new show:
Q: What member of the Officially Amazing cast do you think you have the most fun with?
A: Mr Cherry, cause he’s just so much fun! He’s the energy of the party. The funniest things I have seen on the show almost always involve Cherry. He’s able to amuse everyone he sees. My favourite Mr Cherry record must be the most nuts cracked by sitting down.
Q: What's you're favourite thing about the show?
A: I’m pleased to see that the kids are enjoying the show but also actually trying some of these challenges too.

Here are some of The Sizzler's most impressive Guinness World Records achievements to date:
Sizzling Steve angry birds 

Highest score on Level 1-1 of "Poached Eggs" on Angry Birds for Chrome

In 2011 Sizzlin' Steve notched up a gob-smacking 37,510 points on Angry Birds.
Stephen Kish yellow angry bird

Most toots of a party blower in 30 seconds

On the set of Officially Amazing at RAF Bentwaters in the UK, Steve set a new record with 97. He beat Mr Cherry, who completed 86 toots, and US Ray, who managed 52 toots.

Highest score on World’s Biggest PAC-Man (Soap Creative, 2011)

On 23 August 2011, the British talent achieved a high score of 5,555,552. Want to play? Go to
Stephen Kish pacman


Fastest time to deposit 20 coins into a piggy bank whilst blindfolded

Steve achieved a speedy time of 33.69 seconds.

Fastest time to sort 500 g of Peanut M&Ms®

2 min 12 sec. I wonder if he ate them afterwards…

Fastest time to burst 20 water balloons with the feet

Under the watchful gaze of Guinness World Records adjudicators, Stephen achieved an incredible time of 12.856 seconds. Steve went 3rd in the challenge against Mr Cherry and Raymond Butler, narrowly snatching the win from Mr Cherry.
Stephen Kish ping pong
Stephen previously held the record for the most ping pong balls bounced into a pint glass in one minute. Make sure to watch the new series to catch Steve attempting to win back his title!