US Ray

US Ray series 6 collage

US Ray – aka Raymond Butler – is an American record breaker who has achieved some incredible Guinness World Records titles both on the Officially Amazing TV show and off it.

His jaw-dropping skills range from brilliant backflips to feats of balance.

"I’m more of the action packed character," he said on the set of Officially Amazing series 6. "I’m known for doing the more physical records such as bum scooting or anything that involves running or general athleticism." 
Here are some of his most impressive achievements:

Longest backflip into a pair of trousers

In September 2016, Raymond soared into the record books for landing a backflip into a pair of trousers! The record attempt took place on the set of The Today Show in New York. 
US Ray trousers certificate

Most star jumps in one minute

Proving he’s a real superstar, US Ray completed 77 jumping jacks in just 60 seconds.

Fastest 50 m while balancing a ping pong ball on a bat

US Ray beat fellow competitor Mr Cherry by 2/10th of a second in this tricky challenge. His record time was 8.604 seconds.

Fastest time to burst 20 balloons (individual)

US Ray popped 20 balloons in 3.94 sec on Officially Amazing in 2014.
We recently caught up with US Ray on the set of Officially Amazing series 6 to ask him about the new show:
Q: Why do you think kids love this show?
A: How silly it is. We’re just doing so many random records, such as picking up things with chopsticks or sitting on whoopee cushions. It’s fun, it’s silly, but it’s still really competitive. You would never expect to take walking heel to toe as serious as we do but it’s one of those things that in the heat of the moment you’re like ‘Alright, I got this!’
Q: What is the most impressive thing you’ve ever seen on the show?
A: Anything that Mr Cherry does with chopsticks. Just because he’s so good at it. There was one season where he was catching a shuttlecock with chopsticks and it’s effortless. Mr Cherry is like a Jedi ninja with them. For me, chopsticks is another language to me.
Q: What is it like working with the Guinness World Records adjudicators on set?
A: It’s a little intimidating because they’re right there, so you’re not sure if you should crack a joke or be serious so it’s a little nerve-wracking.