Ten world records to make Christmas Officially Amazing

Published 22 December 2016

With just a few days to go before Christmas Day, we’re celebrating our top 10 festive achievements:

1. Largest collection of Santa Claus memorabilia

Jean-Guy Laquerre from Canada is arguably the biggest Father Christmas fan in the world! The keen collector has 25,104 different items of Santa Claus stuff, as counted in 2010. He has been collecting since 1988!

Jean-Guy’s collection includes 2,360 figurines, 2,846 cards and postcards from 33 counties, 1,312 serviettes and 241 pins and brooches.

Largest collection of Santa Claus memorabilia

2. Tallest snowman

Residents of the town of Bethel in Maine built a snowman—well, a snowwoman, technically—measuring 122 ft 1 in (37.21 m) tall. It took the town one month to complete “Olympia” (as she was known), with the finishing touches added on 26 February 2008.

Olympia’s eyelashes were made from eight pairs of skis, her lips were made from five red car tyres, her arms were made from two 30 ft tall spruce trees and her scarf was 130 ft long!

FACT: Where does the tradition of making snowmen come from? Italian art historian Giorgio Vasari noted that in 1494, celebrated Italian artist Michelangelo was paid to build a “snow statue” after a cold winter in Florence, Italy.

Tallest snowman

3. Largest Christmas dinner

This 9.6 kg (21 lb 2 oz) festive feast for one comprises a turkey, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower, roast potatoes, “pigs in blankets” and 25 Brussels sprouts. It was on the menu of The Duck Inn in Oakenshaw, UK, in December 2013.

FACT: This titanic turkey tea is free for anyone who can eat it – solo – within 45 min!

Largest Christmas dinner

4. Largest Christmas bauble

To celebrate the Forst Brewery’s annual Christmas market, Birra Forst SpA created a bauble with a diameter of 4.58 m (15 ft 0.31 in), breaking the previous record of 4.2 m (13 ft 9 in) set in 2000.

Measured on 27 Nov 2014, the super-sized ornament weighed in at 481 kg (1060 lb 6 oz).

Largest Christmas bauble

We asked the kids on PopJam to design a new world’s largest bauble for the Daily Challenge. Here’s the winner and runners-up:

Daily Challenge Christmas bauble winners

5. Largest Santa

Shopping Center Norte unveiled a Santa towering 20 m (65 ft 7 in) tall, 7 m (23 ft) wide and 4 m (13 ft) deep in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2013.

FACT: In Brazil, Santa Claus is known as Papai Noel. He comes through the window and hides presents in shoes left out for him.

Largest Santa Claus

6. Largest gathering of Santa’s elves

1,762 hardworking helpers got together in Bangkok, Thailand in 2014.

Largest gathering of Santas elves

7. Largest ice lantern display

In recent years, carving ice lanterns has become a winter tradition in Vuollerim, Sweden. On 5 Feb 2013, the local population outdid itself by creating 2,651 lanterns and placing them around their Lapland village.

Largest ice lantern display

8. Most lights on a Christmas tree

This glittering Christmas tree in Belguim had 194,672 lights on it!

Most lights on a Christmas tree

Check out more record-breaking Christmas trees here.

9. Largest indoor lightbulb display

This year visitors of Universal Studios in Singapore are able to travel through the world’s largest indoor light display - 824,961 bulbs!

Largest lightbulb display panorama

10. Largest advent calendar

To mark the refurbishment of St Pancras station, London, UK, in December 2007, an outsize advent calendar was created, measuring 71 m (232 ft 11 in) high and 23 m (75 ft 5 in) wide.

Largest advent calendar