Video: Check out Hamburger Harry’s record-breaking collection of burger-related items

Published 27 January 2017

"Hamburger Harry" is quite literally the Burger King. 

Harry Sperl from Germany has the world’s Largest collection of hamburger-related items, having amassed 3,724 items on a burger theme.

Harry owns the burger mobile from the movie Good Burger (USA, 1997), along with two burger beds and one burger waterbed.

Largest collection of hamburger-related items large

His prize possession is a hamburger Harley-Davidson motorcycle, a 1987 HD Sportster built in 1993.

“The Hamburger Harley is one of the favourite items in my collection, because I can take it out and show it off,” beams Harry. 

Hamburger Harley

He also has hamburger toys, books, CDs, statues, posters, bags, games and clothing.

FACT: Collectors have “proper” names based on their speciality, such as archtophilists (teddy bears), deltiologists (postcards), pannapictagraphists (comic books), planganologists (dolls) and sucrologists (sugar packets).

Hamburger Harry keeps his collection at his home in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. However, now he has a Guinness World Records title, Hamburger Harry’s next dream is to construct a proper home where his burger items can live: an official burger museum, shaped to look like an enormous double bacon cheese burger.

Hamburger Harry

For anyone who still asks the question “Why do you collect burgers?” Harry says he feels like burgers are the core of American culture.

Harry's collection features in the Guinness World Records 2017 Edition book alongside loads of unique collections.

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