Kid YouTuber makes world’s largest slime

Published 08 November 2017

Largest slime

Slime fan Maddie Rae created over six tonnes of slime at the Play Fair Convention and Expo in New York, USA, last weekend.

That means the mass of purple goo weighed more than a bull elephant!

Largest slime 5

The sparkly, sticky substance was officially named the world’s Largest slime.

12-year-old YouTuber Maddie Rae led the attempt. This is Maddie:

Largest slime 7

She showed hundreds of kids how to mix up slime glue, liquid starch, purple pigment powder and purple glitter.

The slime was so big that many children had to step into the gluey pool and mix the ingredients using their feet!  

Largest slime 2

In total, the group managed to create 6,268.64 kg (13,820 lb) of slime. 

It took the kids 1 hr 57 min to make the purple mess, but the hard work was worth it because they got to take home some of their record-breaking slime!

The rest was then sold online and the money will be donated to hurricane relief funds.

Largest slime 6

If you fancy having a go at making your own coloured goo, just search ‘slime recipe’ to find out how.

Record-breaking kids