Officially Amazing presenter Ben Shires shares his fave records

Published 29 December 2017

Hosted by British presenter Ben Shires, CBBC’s Officially Amazing has proved to be one of the most popular record-breaking TV shows based around Guinness World Records attempts.

While we are in Scotland with the Officially Amazing crew, who are filming the seventh series, we managed to steal the Yorkshire-born funny man for a few minutes to ask him about his all-time favourite moments from the show.

Ben Shires

1. Tightest car parallel parking

A classic not just for Officially Amazing, but record-breaking in general. The Moffatt brothers are true masters of the motor, taking on all challengers and emerging victorious. They've elevated this most difficult of skills into an art form.

2. Longest vocal note whilst holding a person aloft

Officially Amazing regularly lurches from the sublime to the ridiculous, and this record encapsulated both perfectly. Donovan Jones (USA) warbled an incredibly lengthy note whilst also simultaneously holding his wife (and performance partner) Rebecca aloft. Uplifting in every sense.

3. Most rugby ball neck throw and catches in 30 seconds

There's not much Andrew Henderson can't do with a football. 

He's a three-time freestyle world champion and regularly performs with the likes of Ronaldo and co. But a rugby ball is, quite literally, a different ball game. Andrew struggled for well over an hour trying to snatch this record, but his perseverance and tenacity eventually paid off.

4. Most dogs surfing simultaneously

Does this even need any explanation? Aside from the obviously magical combination of waggy tails and wetsuits, this also happened to be one of the first records we covered on Officially Amazing, AND it all took place in Huntington Beach in L.A. Those courageous canines may not have nabbed a record, but they certainly won my heart. Surf's pup!

5. Heaviest road vehicle pulled by teeth

Strongman and circus performer Igor Zaripov thought nothing of shifting a double decker bus...using only his teeth. Jaw dropping was an understatement (if an ill-advised tactic for Igor).

6. Fastest time to put six eggs in egg cups using the feet whilst in a contortion chest stand

Many people have claimed they will bend over backwards to achieve a Guinness World Records title, but in my experience only one woman has ever followed through with that statement - the incredibly flexible Claudia Hughes.

Not only is she bendy, but she's resilient too; having come agonisingly close to securing the record in series 5, Claudia returned to triumphantly break it in series 6.

Fastest time to put six eggs in egg cups using the feet whilst in a contortion chest stand

7. Most darts number twos in one minute

As a rule, we don't feature famous faces on the show, but then rules are there to be broken (unless they're GWR record attempt guidelines of course, in which case they're SET IN STONE).

One such rule breaker turned out to be comedian Lee Mack, darts enthusiast and fan of the show (I've always wanted to say that).

He joined us to break this ever-so-serious record all about number twos that had nothing to do with toilet humour. At all.

8. Fastest 50 m hula hooping

This was a record first attempted by our three Officially Amazing stalwarts: Japan's Mr Cherry, the UK's Sizzling Steve and U.S. Ray (I forget where he's from).

They've battled against each other over the course of six series, breaking countless records and providing even more hours of entertainment along the way.

Despite this impeccable pedigree however, they were all dreadful when it came to hula hooping over distance and each suffered a disqualification without even crossing the start line.

It seemed this was a record destined to remain tantalisingly out of reach...until the marvellous Marawa Ibrahim came along and smashed it a year later.

Fastest 50 m hula hooping

9. Most motorcycle superman seat grab jumps in one minute (team)

Was it a bird? Was it a plane? 

Nope it was the three-man 'bolddogs' motorcycle stunt team performing the 'Superman', perhaps one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen - and I've seen Sizzling Steve's bare legs. 

Essentially, the daredevils flew their bikes off a ramp and into the air, three storeys high, and then completely let go of them. 

They weren't even flying by the seat of their pants, they were simply flying. And I was mesmerised. Well, mesmerised and terrified.

10. Most tennis balls caught in one minute with a boxing glove

I couldn't talk about my favourite records without mentioning one I've bagged myself (with the help of the ever-incredible Mr Cherry). 

Yes, for a brief few weeks we were the holders of the highly coveted Most tennis balls caught in one minute with a boxing glove, before our valiant efforts were themselves overtaken by the man who holds the most records in the world - the incredible Ashrita Furman. 

Not that I minded; if you're going to be beaten, you may as well be beaten by the best!

Most tennis balls caught in one minute with a boxing glove