Indian artist builds tallest sandcastle in the world

Published 17 February 2017

Have you ever gone to the beach and built an epic sandcastle you are really proud of? Well, Sudarsan Pattnaik from India has just broken the world record for making the Tallest sandcastle ever!
Ditching the small plastic buckets often used for creating small sandcastles, Sudarsan and a team of 45 students used their hands to build a 14.84 metres (48 ft. 8 inches) tall monster.
Tallest sandcastle header

The record attempt took place on the beach at Puri, Odisha in India and an official Guinness Guinness World Records judge was there to witness the team make the final finishing touches. 
Tallest sandcastle certificate presentation

The detailed design includes carvings of animals, people, and the words "world peace".
Steps going up the tallest sandcastle
“I am happy that we spread the message of world peace through the world’s tallest sandcastle. This is India’s first sand art placed in Guinness World Records,” said Sudarsan. 
The Sudarsan Sand Institute team