Who’s that girl? British teen has world’s largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia

Published 31 March 2017

To celebrate the release of Guinness World Records 2017 Blockbusters! in the UK and Australia, we are excited to announce that 13-year-old Lily Connors from Swansea in Wales is the new record title holder for the Largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia.

Largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia header

Fans of the Time Lord don’t come much keener than Lily, who has collected an impressive 6,641 items related to the hit TV show.

Lily was three when she first started collecting Doctor Who items. It just goes to show you’re never too young to start a record-breaking collection!

Her first items were three dapol figures given to her by her father: a white dalek, a Tom Baker figurine, and a cyberman.

He then went on to build her a Police Box wardrobe. Imagine all the clothes you could fit in a Tardis…

Lily Connors in a Darlek costume

Lily’s other pieces range from figurines and props to mugs and collector’s cards. However, there is one item Lily still longs to add to her collection: a full-sized Dalek.

Speaking of Dalek’s… Lily has exterminated the competition for this record, which was previously held by fellow Brit Ian O'Brien with 2,021 items.

Asked how she feels about being featured in the Blockbusters! 2017 book, Lily said: “It’s really awesome! I’m so excited and can’t wait for my friends to see it.”

Lily Connors

Now that she has a Guinness World Records title, her next dream in to be an extra in an episode of Doctor Who - Though her record-breaking collection has already led her to meet many of the show’s stars.

“I have met most of the doctors and companions from the Doctor Who series at Comic Cons and filming in the UK,” said Lily. “Peter Capaldi has signed by Tardis wardrobe and actually got into it with me. Jenna Coleman was the first companion I ever met. Ian McNiece who plays Winston Churchill in Doctor Who has sent me lots of Doctor Who items, and we all meet up at comic cons near us.”

Lily Connors in her Tardis wardrobe

Lily features in Guinness World Records 2017 Blockbusters! alongside hundreds of the latest records from the world of movies, social media, celebrity, toys and beyond.

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