Dutch kids create longest peanut string to feed city birds

Published 17 May 2017

Over 200 kids from Delft in the Netherlands have set a brand new Guinness World Records title after creating the world’s Longest peanut string.

Longest peanut string collage header

The attempt was organised by a Dutch institute for nature and sustainability called IVN and a local school called Gabriëlschool Harnaschpolder & De Schatkaart.

Unfortunately the number of birds in Delft is declining, so they wanted to do something to help.

Longest peanut string

The children spent two hours attaching unshelled peanuts onto pieces of string, which were then put together to make one enormous 566 metres long chain.

Longest peanut string participants

To put that into perspective… if it was hung from the very tip of the Empire State Building in the USA, there would still be about 123 metres of the peanut string leftover!

Once the record attempt was over, the kids took the peanut string apart and hung it up around the city for birds to eat.

Boy holding peanut strings

How to make your own peanut string:

Step 1: Get some unshelled peanuts and a piece of string

Step 2: Ask an adult to help you pierce a whole in the peanuts

Step 3: Thread the string through the peanuts and tie a knot at each end

Step 4: Hang it up outside!