Do Try This At Home: 3 tennis-themed record challenges inspired by Wimbledon

Published 20 July 2017

The Wimbledon tennis tournament is over and winner Roger Federer walked away a two-time Guinness World Records title holder.

The Swiss tennis pro holds the titles for Most Grand Slam singles tennis titles won (19) and Most Wimbledon Men's singles tennis titles (8).

However, now we’re challenging YOU to become an official record holder.

Here are three tennis-themed challenges you can attempt at home or at school, either alone or with friends.

Give them your best serve and you might end up in the record books!

Tennis records collage

Most tennis balls bounced and caught blindfolded in one minute (team of two)

Record to beat: 35

Main rules:

  • The catcher must be blindfolded
  • The thrower and catcher must stand at least 3 metres apart
  • The ball can only bounce once

Most tennis balls held in the hand

Record to beat: 26

Main rules:

  • Put all the balls into a bowl, then take out one at a time and position each ball in one hand
  • When the last ball is secured, they must all remain in place for 5 seconds

Tennis racket and ball control – duration

Record to beat: 4 hours 30 min

Main rules:

  • Bounce a tennis ball on a racket for as long as possible
  • When the ball touches the floor, the attempt ends
  • (If you don't fancy spending hours doing this, why not challenge a friend and see who can control a ball for the longest?) 

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