Pictures: Check out the world’s largest soap bubble

Published 06 July 2017

Children’s entertainer Graeme Denton – a.k.a Marty McBubble – recently attempted to burst the record for the Largest free floating soap bubble (indoors).

Largest free floating soap bubble

“I first gained an interest in bubble making about two years ago and since then I have experimented with different bubble wands and different bubble recipes, in order to make the largest bubbles I could,” he told us in his record application.

“When I saw that the current record was 8.5 cubic metres, I felt that I might be able to beat it. So I put in my application and have been practicing and preparing ever since!”

His first step was to create a supersize wand out of two 12 ft fishing rods and a very long piece of string.

Then he mixed up a top secret bubble recipe that contained a LOT of washing up liquid.

Next, he met Professor Matthew Roughan of The University of Adelaide and asked him to help work out how to measure the size of the bubble.

Largest free floating soap bubble attempt

The pair made huge scales that looked like giant rulers and laid them out on the floor and walls in the sports hall at Lockleys Primary School in Adelaide, Australia.

The attempt was a really big success, or 19.8 metres³ (699 ft³ 398.13 in³), to be exact.

Largest free floating soap bubble portrait

Congratulations Marty McBubble, you are Officially Amazing!