World’s largest underpants created to celebrate 'Captain Underpants' movie

Published 01 August 2017

American film studio Twentieth Century Fox has created the world’s Largest underpants to celebrate the release of Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.

Largest underpants

The giant undergarment measured 23.44 m (76 ft 10 in) across the waist and 13.81 m (45 ft 3 in) from waistband to crotch.

The Guinness World Records rules for this record stated that the outsized pants must be to scale so that, in theory, a giant person could wear them.

However, these pants are so huge that they would even be way too big for both the Tallest man and the Heaviest man.

Largest underpants certificate presentation

Guinness World Records judge Glenn Pollard was invited along to the attempt in London, UK to measure the underpants and make the record official.

Kids from nearby primary schools also came to check out the attempt.

They found the underpants hilarious, but the funniest moment was:

“When the photoshoot was over and the children were asked to get out of the pants, a young boy went farther inside the underpants and couldn’t find his way out until he was helped by a member of the organising team,” said adjudicator Glenn.

Largest underpants kids

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