Video: Meet the two record-breaking cats that live together

Published 11 September 2017

Lauren and Will Powers are very proud to be the mom and dad to not one but TWO record-breaking cats in their home of Ferndale, Michigan, USA.

Cygnus and Arcturus header

Their pets, named Cygnus and Arcturus, have achieved titles for their record-breaking height and tail length!

Cygnus, who is a silver Maine Coon cat, enters the pages of Guinness World Records 2018 Edition as the record holder for the Longest tail on domestic cat (living) - 44.66 cm (17.58 inches).

Longest tail on a cat

FACT: On average, cats have 20–23 vertebrae (back bones) in their tails. The tail accounts for almost 10% of a cat’s entire skeleton! The high number of bones allow for a greater degree of flexibility.

When it comes to record-breaking tails, the measurement is made from the pelvis to the tip of the final bone – excluding the cartilage and fur that extends beyond.

Longest tail on a cat certificate

Did you know…? Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world, with both the longest cat (current) and the longest cat (ever) also belonging to the same breed.

Having an extraordinarily long tail comes with a few challenges…

Cygnus’ owners say they have to be extra careful when walking around the house and closing doors - as his tail might get caught.

Cygnus shares the spotlight with brother Arcturus, who makes up for his shorter tail with his incredible height! 

Arcturus is the world’s Tallest domestic cat and reaches a height of 48.4 cm (19.05 in) and weighs about 30 pounds. 

Tallest domestic cat

FACT: Arcturus is a Savannah, a cross between a domestic cat and a serval, which is a large-eared wild African cat. The breed has some dog-like characteristics, such as playing in water and learning to fetch.

The two-year-old animal, whose full name is Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, has lived with Will and Lauren since he was just a two-month old kitten.

Tallest domestic cat portrait

In order to help Arcturus’ with his super tall height, his owners got him a Catio (outdoor cat pen) that he plays in and they’ve also installed a dog door. 

Did you know…? Arcturus’ owners say that he eats around a pound and a half of food daily and is so tall he can actually stand at the table to eat!

Both record breakers are great friends, constantly playing and chasing each other around the house, grooming each other, and sleeping in a cuddle pile.