Drama students put on amazing performance of Annie after just 15 hours of practise

Published 1 September 2016

A group of 110 young drama students took part in a record-breaking performance of the musical Annie on Monday.
The enthusiastic 6-18 year olds managed to put on the world's Fastest theatrical production.
Fastest theatrical production header

From auditions and script learning to costume and stage design, the whole show took just 15 hours to create from scratch – they couldn’t wait for ‘Tomorrow’ if they wanted to set a new record!
Lead-character Annie was played by an 11 year old girl who did an incredible job in the short time she had to prepare for the famous role.
Fastest theatrical production Annie

The challenge took place at Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth, UK and was organised by Sharpe Academy of Theatre Arts as a fun conclusion to their summer drama camp.
The show was chosen by picking a name from a sealed box – so no one involved in the production knew what they were going to be doing before the day.
Fastest theatrical production certificate presentation

An official Guinness World Records judge watched the show and then presented a certificate to the extremely happy cast.
Before this, the fastest theatrical production was produced in 22 hours (seven hours longer).