FIFA 17: Attempt world records on the new game

Published 28 September 2016
FIFA 17 is out now and this latest videogame in the popular football series has got gamers from all over the globe eager to try it.
Here at Guinness World Records, we're celebrating by sharing these exciting new record titles that we have opened for gamers to attempt on the new game.
If you fancy applying for any of the record, just click the links and follow the instructions on screen.
You never know, if you break a record you could end up with a place in the next Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition book!
FIFA 17: German footballer Marco Reus
Attempt to thrash the computer with the most substantial score-line possible. This can be attempted with any team, on any difficulty, and on the maximum time limit. In the past, we’ve seen Germany’s Patrick Hadler (pictured below) beat the computer in FIFA 13 with a victory margin of 307 goals!
Patrick Hadler

Try to score the most goals against the computer on the game’s highest difficulty in a 10-minute match. Challengers must choose the same team for the AI as they choose for themselves (e.g. Real Madrid versus Real Madrid), but they are free to tailor tactics, formations etc. for their own team accordingly - pre-planning is essential.
Again, this is set on the game’s highest difficulty against the computer. Players must select identical teams for both themselves and the AI. However, they are free to change any of the options in team management for their team only.
Longest marathon on a FIFA videogame
Christopher Cook holds the record for the longest marathon on a FIFA videogame: 48 hr 49 min 41 sec

Most goals scored by bicycle kick

A real test of skill as players attempt to recreate a Pele special. This can be attempted with any teams, on any difficulty, against the computer, in a 10-minute match.
This can be attempted with any teams, on any difficulty, against the computer.
Strongest player in the FIFA videogame series
AFC Wimbledon striker Adebayo “The Beast” Akinfenwa (UK) has been rated the strongest soccer player in four FIFA soccer videogames. He is pictured here with Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition editor Stephen Daultrey.
Got a mate who’s also a bit handy with FIFA? Try this co-op challenge, which can be attempted on any difficulty, with any teams, against the computer.
FIFA 17: Belgian professional footballer Eden Michael Hazard
If you want to read more about FIFA records and achievements, then check out a copy of the Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer’s Edition annual.