FIFA's strongest player visits GWR to attempt some records - Adebayo Akinfenwa

Adebayo “The Beast” Akinfenwa (UK) recently visited the Guinness World Records office in London where he was presented with a certificate for being the Strongest player in the FIFA videogame series - and challenged to some exciting record attempts.

Commenting on his award, the professional footballer said: “People talk about size, but my stats speak for themselves…There aint nobody stronger than me out there!”
Experts score Akinfenwa’s strength 98 out of 99.
While he was in the office, "The Beast" attempted the record Fastest time to score against a computer on FIFA 16, though he couldn't beat 33.06 secs to win the title.

His skills were then put to the test with the tallest Lego® structure built in thirty seconds, achieving a respectable 21 - just 7 blocks short of the record title.
Ade also made a valiant effort to achieve the fastest time to assemble Mr Potato Head, but unfortunately he just wasn't quick enough.