Finding Dory in the record books! Ten amazing undersea creature titles

Published 29 July 2016

Animation fans have been widely anticipating the release of Finding Dory since its hugely successful and beloved predecessor Finding Nemo hit cinemas back in 2003.
Movie-goers of all ages took the plunge back into Disney’s colourful sea world in the States last month and the film was greeted with rave reviews. It has not been released in most countries and comes out in the UK today.
Here at Guinness World Records we realize Great Barrier Reefs and a sense of adventure aren’t the only components that make water creatures exciting. Size, shape, and yes, weight, are all superlatives that make marine animals officially amazing.  
From the many oceanic world records in our databases, our pick of the top 10 underwater achievements has finally surfaced from the depths. See the incredible feats of the fish that inspired the cast of the latest motion-picture in our list below. 

1. Longest fish migration

Keep an eye out for this fishy habit when watching the film in theaters, as this concept is the premise for Dory finding her family! Fish usually take lengthy migrations between their various feeding grounds. So far the longest distance covered was by a Bluefin Tuna which travelled 5,800 miles between Baja, California and Tokyo, Japan.

2. Slowest fish

If you thought marine turtles were slow, think again. Crush is pretty fast on the East Australian Current. Some species of seas horses never gain a speed greater than 0.001 mph, making them the sloths of the sea.
Slowest fish


3. Most abundant animal

These little guys were in both films the whole time, you just couldn’t see them! At 1mm in length, tiny Copepods are the most frequent creature in the water. Consisting of 12,000 species in total, they are even more plentiful in the ocean than some of the largest schools of clownfish.
Most abundant animal

4. Largest predatory fish

Fish are friends, not food! We’ll have to keep reminding Bruce, the Great White shark from the film that. For now, the animal still takes the title for largest predatory fish.
Largest predatory fish


5. Most poisonous edible fish

‘Bloat’ the puffer fish in Finding Nemo might not know his own strength. This species of fish contain the fatal poison tetrodotoxin, which can kill an adult in 20 minutes.
Most poisonous edible fish


6. Largest fish

You’ll encounter the Whale Shark in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean and on the big screen as he appears for the first time in Finding Dory. Weighing in 46,000 pounds, you’d think this mammal makes everyone his lunch. Don’t worry, you and Dory are safe because whale sharks only eat plankton.
Largest fish


7. Heaviest bony fish 

The Sunfish is massive, being up to 10 feet in length and weighing 4,400 pounds. We may not see this him on the set of any Disney films, but he was too big to ignore for our top 10 list of incredible sea life! 

8. Longest marine crustacean

This crab is measured to have a leg span of up to 3.69 m (12 feet 1.5 in), and known for its claw span. It’s typically found off of the south-east coast of Japan, referred to as the giant spider crab. Looks like Dory and friends are safe in Australia.
Longest marine crustacean


9. Largest heart 

The largest beating heart of any creature on Earth goes to the Blue Whale. The organ can weigh up to 1,500 pounds, with aortic valves large enough for an adult human to crawl through. This species may have the biggest heart technically speaking, but we have a hunch Disney thought Dory did too.

10. Heaviest bony fish 

Who knows, we might see the Oarfish in the next fishy Pixar flick. At up to 50 feet in length, its lanky nature has definitely earned a spot in record books.