How low can you go? Watch this six-year-old skate under 36 cars

Published 03 August 2016

Six-year-old Om Swaroop Gowda from India has broken the world record for the Farthest distance limbo-skating under cars.
This incredible challenge involves skating with the legs in a splits position - ouch!
The Guinness World Records attempt took place in Orion Mall in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India and saw Om fly under 36 parked cars. 
Farthest distance limbo skating under cars collage

He travelled a total distance of 65.283 metres (214 ft 2.2 inches).
farthest distance limbo skating under cars certificate presentation

Official Guinness World Records judge Rishi Nath made sure that all the rules were followed correctly.
For example, Om's hands and fingers were not allowed to touch the ground at any point during the record attempt.
farthest distance limbo skating under cars india
Om sped past the previous record of 48.21 metres (158 ft 2 in) which was achieved by Shreeya Rakesh Deshpande (India) at Kagal five star MIDC, Kolhapur India in 2012.