Meet the stars from the new Guinness World Records 2017 book

Published 7 September 2016

Guinness World Records is incredibly excited to announce the release of the brand new Guinness World Records 2017 Edition book.

This year’s edition features loads of jaw-dropping record holders including a jumping llama, a female with a beard, an unbelievably tall dog and an enormous monster truck.

Guinness World Records has scoured the globe for the best records, pictures, videos and stories to share with you – here are a few to get you in the mood for the new book.

1. Highest jump by a llama

Nine-year-old Caspa has been with his owner, Sue, from Porthmadog, Wales, since he was two years old. Sue describes him as “a total diva”. Like most Llamas, Caspa was more adept at spitting and kicking when he first arrived on the farm but after spotting his extraordinary talent, he and Sue have been able to bond through his positive reinforcement training. Caspa can now clear a bar standing at a huge 1.13 m (3 ft 8.5 in), making him the envy of all the other Llamas on the farm.
Highest jump by a llama

2. Youngest female with a full beard

Anti-bullying and body-image activist Harnaam Kaur from Slough, UK, has a fascinating story to tell. Now with a beard measuring as long as six inches in places, she overcame years of bullying to take ownership of her appearance and achieve this record title at the age of 24 years 282 days. She describes her place in the Guinness World Records book as “absolutely humbling” and hopes it will help her to impart her inspiring message. 2016 has been a huge year for Harnaam, having become the first female with a beard to walk the runway at London Fashion Week in March.
Youngest female with a full beard

3. Tallest dog living (female)

Meet Lizzy, the Great Dane from Florida, who measures a HUGE 96.41 cm (37.96 in) tall! Lizzy is so tall that she has to eat her food from a bowl on top of a chair because she cannot reach the floor. Her water bowl has to stay in the garage because she makes such a mess! Her owner, Greg, says Lizzy is a gentle giant and very sociable – he puts this down to her spending much of her life surrounded by cats and two tiny pet terriers.
Tallest dog living female

5. Longest Monster Truck

Jennifer and Brad Campbell of White Hills, Arizona have built a Monster Truck measuring 9.8 m (32 ft) and weighing in at a whopping 6.804 tons. Jen said: “I would get the book every year when I was a kid and was always blown away with the records. I knew I was never going to outdo the longest nails, or lowest limbo... it’s awesome!”
Largest monster truck

6. Longest domestic cat (living)

Ludo the Maine Coon cat from Wakefield in South Yorkshire measures an enormous 118.33 cm (3 ft 10.59 in) long. Ludo is one of three Maine Coons in the Gill household and his owner Kelsey describes him as a just like any other cat, “relaxed and laid back” – he just happens to be a giant!
Longest domestic cat

7. Small town, big stuff

61 year-old businessperson Jim Bolin has spent the last few years helping his beloved hometown, Casey, in Illinois, USA get back on its feet after the recession. His idea was initially to build one record-breaking item to put the town on the map… but he has now built eight humongous items and has achieved Guinness World Records titles for each of them. His massive achievements include the largest mailbox, the largest rocking chair (pictured below) and the largest wind chime.
Largest rocking chair
The Guinness World Records 2017 Edition book and the Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer's Edition will be available in stores from September 8th 2016.

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