Pokémon GO: A round up of the best Poké records

Published 26 July 2016

With the launch of the new Pokémon GO app, the much-loved fictional creatures seem to have taken over the world.
Lamp posts house Meowths, graveyards hold Charizards, coffee shops store Jigglypuffs, and public parks have become gyms of rivalling teams.
The craze is everywhere, with fans of the beloved Pokémon franchise searching the streets in hope of catching their next monster.
Apple has announced that the game is the Most downloaded iPhone app in its first week ever!

Here Guinness World Records shares some of the extraordinary records held by Pokémon characters:

1. First Pokémon character


Pikachu may be the one everybody knows, but the first Pokémon character ever was the rhino-like Rhydon designed by artist Ken Sugimori. This Pokémon first appeared in the original Red/Green/Blue versions of the RPG videogame which was released in 1996, and it has featured in the majority of games since - including Pokémon Go of course!
If you’re lucky, you might find him by some rocks or buildings, as his horn-like features give him the ability to smash concrete and shatter diamonds.

2. Fastest Pokémon


Deoxys (Speed Form) is the fastest Pokémon, with a base speed stat of 180. A third-generation Pokémon officially introduced with Pokémon Emerald (Game Freak, 2004), it was designed by Pokémon artist Ken Sugimori.
Did you know…? Deoxys' name is a play on deoxyribonucleic acid, otherwise known as DNA.

3. Heaviest Pokemon


At 950 kg (2,094 lb), “Ground-type Legendary” Pokémon Groudon is the heaviest monster in the Pokédex to date. It weighs so much that its movements have the ability to expand whole continents and make volcanoes erupt. Groudon was the mascot for Pokémon Ruby, the eighth game in the main Pokémon series, which launched in 2002.

4. Shortest Pokémon


The bug-like Joltik (introduced in Pokémon Black and White) and flower-clutching Flabébé (introduced in the the first episode of 2013’s XY TV series) are the smallest Pokémons as of March 2016, at a mere 10 cm (4 in) in height.
Joltik isn't able to make its own electrical force, so it has to latch on to stronger Pokémon and then stores energy in its body pouch.

5. Lightest Pokémon


Flabebe Pokemon main 
As one of the female Pokémon breeds, this lightweight creature resides in a flower for the remainder of its life where it sources electricity from the plant. Even with the added baggage, Flabébé only weighs 3.5 oz. making it one of the rarer, more graceful Pokémon you’ll have to keep an eye out for in the new app.

6. Least Popular Pokémon


Out of the 720 existing Pokémon characters, Simisear ranked last according to the Pokémon General Election held in Japan throughout this year’s month of May. Apparently, no one likes red fire monkeys!

7. Most Popular Pokémon


It may be a surprise that this record does not belong to Pikachu either! The planet's most-loved Pokémon is actually Greninja. The water-based monster beat Mew, Arceus and Sylveon. Looks like his froggy features really leaped into the hearts of players.
What's your favourite Pokémon?
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