Primary school kids break record planting 16,300 flowers in Hungary

Published 16 May 2016

On Friday, hundreds of primary school children helped to set a Guinness World Records title for the Most plug plants planted in one hour by a team.
The record attempt took place in Baranya County in Pécs, Hungary.
Most plug plants planted in on hour (team)

Péter Csizi and a group of over 1,500 people sowed a whopping 16,300 baby plants over 32 different flower beds.
Most plug plants planted in one hour kids

Many residents of Pécs were worried about the large city’s lack of green belt zones. (A green belt area is a place where agriculture, forestry and the natural environment are looked after and preserved.) They decided to attempt this record as a way of encouraging young locals to take care of the environment.
Most plug plants planted in one hour spades

As a result of this attempt, there is now a beautiful field full of flowers in the centre of Baranya County.
Most plug plants planted in one hour Hungary

Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi came along to make sure that the record rules were followed. After the 60 minutes was over, she awarded the group a certificate for their amazing success.
The sun was shining during the attempt and everyone involved had a great time planting the flowers together.