Record-breaking NERF battle takes place in Texas

Have you ever had a NERF battle with your friends? Well imagine play-fighting with 2,289 people and 4,394 NERF blasters!
The Largest toy pistol fight ever took place in Texas, USA last week at the AT&T Stadium. The event was called Jared’s Epic NERF Battle.
Largest toy pistol NERF fight header

Everyone was split into two massive teams which then tried to shoot each other with the soft darts.
Largest toy pistol NERF fight shark and dinosaur

Lots of people decided to wear costumes for the fight. We saw plenty of camouflage - as well as a dinosaur, a shark, and even a banana!
Largest toy pistol NERF fight Texas 
The fun attempt was organised by Jared Guynes as a fundraiser for two local charities: Rebuild Rowlett Foundation for Long Term Relief and Garland Tornado Relief Fund (Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc.).
After the battle, all the toy pistols were donated to kids in need at the Buckner Children's Home.
Largest toy pistol NERF fight start

Guinness World Records adjudicator Christina Flounders was on the battlefield sidelines to make sure that all the rules were followed.
She said: “I think this is such a fantastic event because we saw thousands of people come together not only to have a ton of fun and achieve something Officially Amazing, but also to support a truly worthwhile cause!”
Largest toy pistol NERF fight costume 
The attempt was almost triple the size of the previous record NERF fight (577 people) which was organised last year by Dogtown After Hours, an annual student-led event in Des Moines, Iowa.
Love Nerf guns? The world's Largest Nerf gun is 6 ft (1.82 m) long and was created by former NASA engineer Mark Rober (USA).
Largest Nerf gun