Take a ride on the tallest floating slide

Published 23 June 2016

If you have a fear of heights then Baysports waterpark in Athlone, Ireland is definitely not the place for you.
Guinness World Records has just confirmed that the attraction is home to the Tallest floating slide on the planet. 
Tallest floating slide

Measuring a whopping 12.54 metres tall in total and having a 6.52 metres high slide, this ride is tall enough to make even the biggest thrill seekers quiver at the knees.
Measuring the tallest floating slide

A Guinness World Records judge visited the waterpark to measure the supersize slide and present its creators with an official record certificate.
Ttallest floating slide climbing side

Those brave enough to have a go must climb up five stages in order to get to the top of the terrifyingly-tall slide.
Ttallest floating slide certificate presentation
The huge inflatable ride weighs a whopping two tonnes – but it floats in just 3 cm of water.
In Australia earlier this year, Guinness World Records confirmed that Freestyle Slides (USA) had built the Tallest inflatable slide in the world. Find out more.
Tallest inflatable slide header