The fastest man on forearm crutches - Tameru Zegeye

Meet the inspiring record-breaker who has overcome disability and developed a unique and striking talent. 

Balanced in a handstand position on his own crutches, Tameru Zegeye (Ethiopia) travelled 100 m in a speedy 57.00 seconds to set a record for the Fastest 100 m in forearm crutches - inverted.
Tameru was born with deformed feet and cannot use his legs, but he impressively learned to move on his hands as a child.

He now works as a circus performer and lives in Germany.

Tameru’s determination and skill earned him a place in the GWR 2016 book and he said: “I feel really very very happy because I am one of the Guinness World Records holders … I am unique, this is my unique talent… Everything is possible.”