Thousands of school kids set new record during National Science Week in Australia

Published 15 August 2016

It's National Science Week in Australia and school students from Queensland have attempted a world record in celebration of the occasion.
An incredible 2,900 primary and secondary school kids took part in the world's Largest practical science lesson at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre – and they all went home as Guinness World Records title holders.
Largest practical science lesson Australia header

The subject of the huge lesson was magnetic fields. The kids got into teams of up to five people and then had a go at two interesting experiments using magnets.
Largest practical science lesson students

The challenge was planned by Queensland Government as it wanted to celebrate science and technology with the country’s young students.
Largest practical science lesson Brisbane

Speaking about the record, Leeanne Enoch – who is Australia’s Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy – said: “It’s fantastic to see young Queenslanders demonstrating their interest in this diverse area. The jobs of the future will certainly require skills in the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths.”
Queensland Chief Scientist Dr Geoff Garrett said: “Today’s event was a fun opportunity for young people to be inspired by science and also encourage students to further their studies in this dynamic subject.”
Largest practical science lesson GWR judge
Guinness World Records judge Lucia Sinigagliesi presents an official certificate to the new record holders after the enormous science lesson.
Australia's students smashed the previous record of 2,102 participants that was set in South Africa earlier this year.
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Most Mentos and Soda fountains record