Video: Tristen Geren, the 50-time record-breaking gamer

Tristen Geren is a 50-time world record breaker from Texas, USA who has achieved loads of videogame records and is the proud holder of 16 current gaming titles (as of 10 April 2015).

These include the Fastest completion of level 1-1, Super Mario 3D Land (31 secs) and the Highest score on The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (2,100 points).

In addition to this, he achieved the Most basketball free throws scored on NBA 2K14 in one minute (15) and the Most consecutive basketball free throws on NBA 2K9 (114).
The NBA fan says that he first found out about competitive gaming through the Guinness World Records Challengers site, and declares that since breaking his first record it has become an addiction.

Talented gamer Tristen says that he wants to beat serial record-breakers Silvio Sabba, Steven Kish and Ashrita Furman and inspire others the way they inspired him.
His advice to would-be record-breakers: “Find your forte, practise and be patient.”

Watch the video at the top to see the Guinness World Records photography team transform Tristen’s high school into a real-life videogame as he dresses up as his favourite characters, including Super Mario, Link and Freddie Wong.