Video: American freeskier takes on huge rail to attempt incredible new record

Published 8 June 2016
Professional, medal-winning freeskier Tom Wallisch recently appeared on a television show in the US where he attempt to break the record for the Longest rail grind on skis at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, USA.

The talented American skier successfully landed a breath-taking 128.656 metre(422 foot 1.1 inch) rail grind. To put that into perspective, the rail would have covered the length of an American football field (which is usually around 109.7 metres long), and more!
Longest rail grind on skis Tom Wallisch Go Pro footage

The length of the rail grind was measured from the point at which Tom’s front ski first hit the rail. This was measured carefully by witnesses at the attempt.
Speaking about his amazing new Guinness World Records title, Wallisch said: “A childhood dream has come true. I’ve been a part of the rail skiing movement for so many years, that it’s cool to have some sort of legacy in it - to have a record like that that means something. Hopefully it will hold on for some years to come, but you never know!”
Longest rail grind on skis Tom Wallisch

The lengthy rail was custom-made by a company called Snow Park Technologies, using more than 10,000 pounds of steel.
Wallisch spent days attempting to master the daunting rail, but proved 'practice makes perfect' when he eventually completed the tough challenge and took home the title.
Previously, the longest rail grind on skis was 73.63 metres (241 foot 7 inches) and was achieved by Alan Villanueva (Spain), at the Madrid SnowZone, Madrid, Spain, back in 2008.
For those who prefer snowboards to skis, the Longest rail grind on a snowboard is 78.70 m (258 ft 2.42 in) and was achieved by Calum Paton (UK) at the Milton Keynes Xscape in Milton Keynes, UK, on 2 December 2011 (pictured below). The record was broken at an event organized by Whitelines snowboarding magazine, which saw professional and amateur riders attempt to break the record. No one matched the previous record until the very end of the event, when it was bettered by more than 10 m (32 ft 9.7 in).
Longest rail grind on a snowboard