Video: Ashrita Furman completes incredible balancing act with bicycle on his chin

Published 7 July 2016

Ashrita Furman from the USA holds more current Guinness World Records titles than anyone else in the world - and he has just added another to his fast-growing collection.
In Uherske Hradiste in the Czech Republic, the multiple record-breaker successfully set the record for the Longest duration balancing a bicycle on the chin with an amazing time of 2 min 1.45 sec.
Longest duration balancing a bicycle on the chin header 
Ashrita took on the challenge in front of a big audience of cheering children, but proved he is not one to let pressure or distractions get to him.
He carefully placed the saddle of his bike onto his chin and managed to hold it there for an incredibly long time. 
Longest duration balancing a bicycle on the chin Ashrita Furman

This is not the first time Ashrita has demonstrated his brilliant balancing skills, as he also holds record for the Most pint glasses balanced on the chin (81) and the Greatest distance travelled with a pool cue balanced on chin (1,668 m/5,472 ft 9 in).
Try this at home: Why not try your hand at some of these tricks and you could become a record-breaking balancing pro too!
Longest time balancing a football on the shin

  • Most spoons balanced on the body – Eitibar Elchiev (Georgia) kept 52 spoons on his body while standing upright on the set of a CCTV Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 7 December 2012. He attributes his success to his unique “sticky” perspiration. Nice!
most spoons balanced on the body