Video: Enormous K'NEX ball contraption sets record for US student

Published 11 April 2016
Have you ever made a ball contraption out of K'NEX or LEGO? You'd need a pretty huge room to create one like this...

Austin Granger (USA) has been experimenting with K'NEX construction toys since he was just five years old. Now aged 23, he has built his most impressive creation yet and has earned the Guinness World Records title for the Largest K'NEX ball contraption ever!

The mechanical marvel is made up of an incredible 126,285 individual K'NEX pieces.
The colossal track has a total length of 278 m (918 ft). It sees plastic balls looping and spiraling though an intricate structure of tracks, ramps and chutes.
Largest KNEX ball contraption

Asked about his record-breaking hobby, Austin said: “Every time I build one of these machines, I learn more about K’NEX as a material for building and engineering,” he said. “I just get a lot of satisfaction from finding problems and solving them myself.”
The contraption was made at the Brickmania Toyworks in Minnapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Guinness World Records also recently confirmed a record for the Largest Great Ball contraption from LEGO, made up of a jaw-dropping 100 modules.