Video: The domino effect - Largest stick bomb and other records get toppled

Published 19 July 2016

The Tulln Domino Team from Austria started an incredible chain reaction of record-breaking at a recent event in Tulln...
The team knocked down three mind-blowing world records in one massive domino set-up made up of CD cases, a stick bomb and a huge domino wall.
Tulln Domino Team records collage
The domino experts spent three days setting-up thousands and thousands of dominoes for the event. This must have taken some very steady handiwork as just one knocked piece would have set off the entire chain reaction!
Tulln Domino Team records set up
The epic domino show was kicked off with a record for the Most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion, which saw an incredible 10,266 cases fall down.
Most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion
This went on to set off a huge stick bomb made out of flat sticks woven together.
Tulln Domino Team previously set the record for the Largest stick bomb in 2015 with 30,849 sticks, but this attempt included a whopping 40,910.
Longest domino wall
The Longest domino wall was made out of 42,173 pieces and was an incredible is 40.14 metres long.
Tulln Domino Team

 Try this at home: Most dominoes stacked in 30 seconds. The current record stands at 48 and was achieved by Silvio Sabba (Italy) in Pioltello, Milan, Italy, on 28 April 2013.
Silvio Sabba Most dominoes stacked in 30 seconds