Video: Watch Fun Kids radio presenter Sean take on week of world record challenges

Published 08/04/2016

Fun Kids radio presenter Sean Thorne has been trying his hand at breaking a Guinness World Records title every day this week during his morning breakfast show – all under the watchful eye of our official adjudicator Mark McKinley.
The brave host took on this challenge to celebrate the launch of our brand new book Guinness World Records 2016 Blockbusters!, which is out now.
From catching toys to making hot dogs, Sean has had an eventful week of record attempts at the Fun Kids studio in London, UK – but did he take home any certificates?

Monday: Attempt #1

On Monday Sean and his trusty helper Mark Heads attempted the title Most soft toys caught blindfolded in 30 seconds by a team of 2.
Following the strict Guinness World Records rules, blindfolded Sean had to stand three metres away from Mark, who threw the cuddly toys towards him one at a time.
Fun Kids Sean most soft toys caught in 30 seconds

The pair needed to beat the previous record of 12. They gave it their best shot but unfortunately Sean only caught 10 toys.

Tuesday: Attempt #2

However, they achieved an amazing total of 13 on their second try which was a new world record!

Wednesday: Attempt #3

But the determined duo refused to give up there and on day three they bettered the record again with a whopping 14!
Adjudicator Mark awarded the extremely excited radio presenter an official certificate.
Fun Kids Sean most soft toys caught in 30 seconds certificate
This record title is harder than you think – Try this challenge at home to see how well you and a friend can do!

Thursday: Attempt #4

On Thursday Sean turned his attention to food and attempted the record for the Most hot dogs made in one minute.
He had to prepare more than seven hot dogs to earn the record, which includes opening the bun, placing a sausage inside and then topping it with a squirt of tomato sauce and mustard.
Fun Kids Sean most hot dogs made in one minute

Sean had to beat the previous record of 10 which was achieved by Luke Franks (UK) on the set of CITV's Scrambled! in January.
Sean narrowly missed out on the record achieving a total of seven hot dogs. Unluckily one hot dog was disqualified because it fell out of the bun!

Friday: Attempt #5

Today Sean entered the attempt arena dressed as a hot dog - "To take it extra seriously", he says.
He made a impressive total of eight hot dogs in 60 seconds, but only five were counted as valid which meant no Guinness World Records title.
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