Most diamonds set in one ring is 7,777

This might be the sparkliest✨ ring you have ever seen! 

A record-breaking ring that has 7,777 diamonds on an 18k gold base has a price $4.9 million. 💰🤑

Lakshikaa Jewels from Mumbai, India, created the eye-catching ring over 18 months which is now the record holder for most diamonds set in one ring.

Can you guess the unique shape? 🤔

A team of twelve crafters and one experienced jeweller and designer worked on the project to recreate the Lotus Temple in Delhi on a piece of jewellery.

Most diamonds set in one ring Lakshikaa Jewels

Heading the project was  Naveen 'Prince' Bhandari (India), who explained why the temple was chosen as the design for the ring.

"I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to celebrate human ingenuity and spirituality than this temple,” adding that the lotus, known as padma in the Sanskrit language, is a special symbol in many religions, adding to the sense of unity behind the design.💕

Asked why they decided to attempt the record, Prince explained: "Guinness World Records means international recognition. As a jewellery house, Lakshikaa Jewels aims to make an international name for itself.

"The record title is an acknowledgement of our craftsmanship, design and capabilities. It's truly an honour to have received this title.

Most diamonds set in one ring hand

"We hope our feat inspires other jewellery designers to create newer records and establish greater achievements."💍💍💍

Most diamonds set in one ring reflection