Have you ever seen someone so tall? 😲

Standing at a massive 2.15 m (7 ft 0.7 in), Rumeysa Gelgi (Turkey) is the world’s tallest woman.

Rumeysa was first awarded the title for the tallest teenager living (female) back in 2014, when she was aged 18. 

She has now been re-measured at age 24 and awarded the title of tallest woman living🤩

Her huge height is caused by Weaver syndrome, which is a rare condition that causes fast growth.

Rumeysa uses a wheelchair most of the time, but can move around for short periods with the help of a walker.

Rumeysa with adjudicator on a chair

Ever since getting her first record in 2014, Rumeysa has tried to teach others about rare medical conditions such as her own. 

She says that her height amazes people when they pass her on the street. Most people are kind and supportive when they meet her for the first time. 😍

Rumeysa aerial shot with certificate

In her free time Rumeysa likes to go out for nice meals with her family and she likes to relax in the swimming pool. 🏊‍♀️

Her family are very happy and proud of her for having the Guinness World Records title. 😊

"Every disadvantage can be turned into an advantage for yourself so accept yourself for who you are, be aware of your potential and do your best." - Rumeysa

Rumeysa smiling with adjudicator

What’s really fascinating is that Rumeysa is from Turkey, as is Sultan Kösen, the world’s tallest man living

It’s very rare for both the world’s tallest man and woman to be from the same country! 😃

The last time the two holders shared the same nationality was in 2009, when China's Bao Xi Shun (2.36 m; 7 ft 9 in) and Yao Defen (2.33 m; 7 ft 7 in) each held the tallest male and female records.

"It's an honour to welcome Rumeysa back into the record books. Her indomitable spirit and pride at standing out from the crowd is an inspiration." - Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief, Guinness World Records

Rumeysa Gelgi with her parents

You can read more about Rumeysa's record in Guinness World Records 2022, out now.