A lot of kids are scared of the dentist. 😱🦷

But 16-year old Isaac Johnson (USA) is a dentist's dream!

He has the world’s largest mouth gape (male), and can open it  10.175 cm (4in) wide. 

He can fit 4 cheeseburgers in there at the same time! 🍔🍔🍔🍔

I have the biggest mouth in the world! I feel pretty dazzled to be a Guinness World Records title holder. – Isaac Johnson

Just some of the objects Isaac can fit in his mouth are:

  • Soda cans and bottles 🥤
  • A baseball ⚾️
  • A whole orange 🍊
  • His own fist ✊


Isaac first broke this record in 2019 with a mouth gape of 9.34 cm (3.67 in), but soon after, Phillip Angus (USA) broke the record with a gape of 9.52 cm (3.75 in).

In October 2020, Isaac’s jaw dropped when he discovered that his gape had grown enough to take back the record title! 😃

One of the biggest questions that everyone wonders is 'does it hurt to open your mouth so wide?'. For Isaac, it’s just a natural ability he has. 

"It doesn't hurt but it can get tired if I open for a long period of time," he explained.   

Isaac first knew he could break the record after seeing Bernd Schmidt (Germany) in 2017, who at the time held the record at 8.8 cm.

Determined to be the next Guinness World Records title holder, he trained his jawbone to limits no human has ever seen before. 💪


People are gobsmacked when they meet Isaac and see his unique ability. 😲🤩

"One time at the movie theatre the employee who was giving us our tickets said to me, 'You look familiar! Are you a child celebrity?' We laughed and said she must have seen the Guinness World Records video!"

So next time your friends call you a big mouth, take it as a compliment – you might be able to break a world record! 😎