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Meet Wildine Aumoithe, the new shortest female living (non-mobile)🤩

The 18-year-old from Florida, USA is just 72 cm (28.3 in) tall, as confirmed by our adjudicator on 13 October 2021.

Wildine hopes her record inspires other little people around the world. 😀

"I want to show the world that even though I am short I am able to live my best life and I can conquer this world even though this world was not build for me." - Wildine Aumoithe

She is also proud to be the first Haitian-American to hold a shortest woman world record.

Wildine first bumping adjudicator Michael

Wildine’s size is caused an extremely rare type of Dwarfism

"The type of dwarfism I have is SADDAN dysplasia. Dwarfism is a genetic condition and there is about 400 types of Dwarfism – I have the rarest type," Wildine explained.

Wildine at the hospital with her mom

This type of dwarfism makes it difficult or impossible to walk, so she uses a motorised wheelchair to get around.

"I’m able to sit on the floor and move around but I can’t walk now because my legs are like, bowed legs, which is common with SADDAN dysplasia."

When Wildine was first born, the doctors didn’t think she would live for very long. But here she is 18 years later, enjoying life to the max! 😎

Wildine as a baby

"They actually sent me to a hospice for six months to see if I was going to die – but I didn’t. After that they gave me to my mom."

Wildine and her mom have a very special bond. They love each other very much. ❤️️

"My mom is pretty much my best friend because she helps me with everything. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what my life would be."

"Doctors said I wouldn’t live past 24 hours and my mom accepted it and kept on going. She’s a good mom - she never gave up."

Photo of Wildine and her mom

Wildine has overcome many challenges in her life. She also suffers from asthma and sleep apnea, which are conditions that can make breathing difficult.

No matter what, Wildine always remains positive and determined😉

Thankfully, she has never been bullied because of her size. 

"I know that’s surprising as I know most little people do get bullied at school" she said.

Wildine in car on the way to hospital

Wildine has a clear message for anyone who calls her "different". 

"Height is just a number. Just because I’m a little person doesn’t mean I’m different to anybody else. I’m still human at the end of the day."

Wildine has a YouTube channel, Life Of Wildine, where she shows people how she lives her life as a little person. She also spreads awareness about Dwarfism. 

wildine on her laptop

Wildine has big plans for the future – she’s going to college to study Pharmacy👩🏿‍🔬

"What inspired me to do that is that I’ve never seen a little person who was a pharmacist. I wanted to see if I could become the first little person to be a pharmacist!"

Wildine’s confidence and "larger than life" personality is amazing. She hopes to inspire other little people and show that they can lead just as happy a life as others. 😊

"Don't listen to what they have to say, just be yourself. Keep going and chase your dreams. Just know you are perfect just the way you are."

Wildine with her dad, mom and sister and her Guinness World Records certificate

As one of Wildine's favourite quotes by Dr. Seuss goes, "a person's a person, no matter how small".

She has achieved so much already by age 18 and Wildine is sure to go on to inspire many more people throughout her life. 🤩

Wildine is passionate about the organization Little People of America. They support and provide information to people of short stature and their families.