Bored at home?

Skip playing videogames – we’ll try out something a bit different today…

How would you like to break a world record? 😎

We’re looking for new record-breaking kids under 16, and these new titles are all up for grabs!

Try them out from the comfort of your home and see how your day will instantly get more fun and interesting. 👇

Most origami cranes made in 3 minutes

Are you into origami?

It’s the Japanese art of paper folding, where you use just a sheet of square paper to make all sorts of different objects and shapes!

For example, you could make an origami crane (type of bird) or even… lots of them, if you want to break a world record for speed. 🤪

What do you say? Can you let your creativity take flight, and fold your way to a record?

Click here for more information and to apply if you’re up for the challenge.

Fastest time to complete a "Pop It"

Do you recognize the super-popular toy made of multi-coloured poppable bubbles, similar to bubble wrap? 

If you’ve got one at home, then put it to good use – pop it to the top with record-breaking speed and become the new world champ! 🏆

Find everything you need to know here.

two kids attempting lego record

Most LEGO® brick castles built in 1 minute

Become the next LEGO® legend by building as many brick castles as you possibly can in just 1 minute!

Challenge a friend to get a better score, time each other with a stopwatch and see who has the highest chance at becoming a world record holder. 😉

And don’t worry, there are more LEGO®-themed record titles waiting for you here.

Fastest time to clear a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos (team of four)

Spending the afternoon at home with a few friends?

This super fun activity is the perfect way to create long-lasting memories with them. ❤️

Just grab the Hungry Hungry Hippos board and start practising. If you think you’re fast enough, then all you need to do is apply here

boy doing star jumps

Most star jumps in 1 minute

Get ready to jump towards glory.🦘

This challenge will get you off the couch in no time, and for good reason! How many star jumps can you achieve without running short of breath?

Click here if you think you’ve got what it takes. 

Other records

If you’re not particularly keen on any of these record titles, don’t worry – there’s plenty more for you to choose from!

Simply check out our Set a Record page, where you will find:

  • Cooking records
  • Gaming records
  • Eco-friendly records, and more!

Remember that these are not only fun to do, but they’re also just as official as the records that grown-ups break.

Good luck, and let the games begin. 😎

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